Reliable webhosting

Reasonable price for supperior quality

Functional and reliable webhosting

I use this webhosting company very​ long time (nearly 13 years). Me and my clients used their services for a

very long time without any issues, for their full satisfaction. When needed, their support responds to mine tickets very promptly and efficiently. The administration interface is not cPanel, however it is very easy to use, as well as understandable.

The company provides multiple plans to chose from, so you can finetune requests to meet your needs. Support operators are very friendly, so each eventual issue is resolved in a blink of your eye. Only disadvantage I see is that, their user's area does not support credit system. So if you purchase besides the webhosting also the domain, You have to take care about your domain yourself, not to make it expired. 

So far as I know, I recognized only single outage that affected my client (the one caused by Google's DNS servers), so if You are seeking for some reliable webhosting, give it a try.


High performance machine with ability to run all dedicated services without any issues.

Internet connectivity

Quick line is a must, because of search engines evaluation and visitors patience.

Efficient support

Whenever You encourage any issue, Your plan should contain quick and functional support.

New technology

Newer componets leads to lower computing time and better response time.

Your data are safe

Configuration keeps Your data safe, so no leak can occurs, unless admin/admin is used.

Opportunity to grew-up

Your webhosting does not fit Your needs any more? You should have a chance to update.