FAQ - ​you asked, the answers are below

Can I use my own domain name?

Absolutely, there is no doubt, you can provide your own domain for my tasks fulfilment. I will perform my own part of the task, and once done, the servers will be configured to use your own domain. Should the domain previously existed, be aware about eventual loose of the indexed URLs. If this is the situation, I will adjust the server, so no longer existing pages will be redirected to your homepage. Therefore, the visitors of no longer existing URLs will not be lost on 404 error page does not exists, but they will be redirected to existing part of your website.

Do I need any coding skills?

Pretty much none coding skill is required. If you are able to use mouse for drag & drop operations (similar to composing of presentation in Power-Point), there are no coding skills required. Every now and then might be needed to adjust part of the PHP templates or the code, however I can provide to You a hand when needed.

Why don't you use Wordpress CMS?

The reason why I am not using Wordpress is quite simple. Wordpress is so widespread, that too many attacks are being carried out on it. Easiest and best way how to defense about such attacks is Web Application Firewall, however not so many people consider its purchase. WAFs contains analytical rules. Based on these rules, suspicious activity is blocked once detected. Even like that, easiest way how to decrease attack perimeter, is to use systems, that are not attacked so much against.

What if I need more time for support, than purchased in the package?

If the ammount of the support purchased in Your package was not enough for You, feel free to contact me with request for an individual quote. I will try to assist You in order to resolve Your demands, by cooperation of us. This is calculated by man-hour.

What basic On-Page SEO consists of?

Basic On-Page SEO consists of following items:

  • Optimization of the image file-size and their quality, including Alternative text on mouse-over.
  • Quality content using copy-writing methods without Keyword-stuffing.
  • Proper set-up of the content headers.
  • Configuration of the Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
Can you prevent spamming my e-mail addresses by bots?

Absolutely. Either I can implement ReCaptcha v.3 on Your website, or I can encode your e-mail addresses in JavaScript, so only web client with enabled JavScript in their browser will see valid and usable e-mail address. Bots will see encoded JavaScript code with obfuscated hidden e-mail address. Therefore the address will not be possible to harvest and abuse, as it would be when plain text e-mail anchor is used.

Can you build a website with easines in mind for my visitors?

I make sites always with the visitors in mind. Therefore, if any visitor of site came to your web, there is an active link to your phone, an e-mail address, and also to your e-mail. Also you can get your own QR code, that allows to the visitor simply scan it, and add your contact details to their phone, or directly give you a ring, open the map, or any other details stored in the business card within the QR code. Your QR code with contact details can be also branded with your logo, or brand colors. Also, the QR code does not have to be just default squares. If all the details are provided, you can later on use the code e.g. to your business cards.