Responsivity does matter

Make sure each web visitor experience web properly

Be aware, that these days, visitors of websites does not use desktop device only, when browsing any website

Currently, there exists at least 5 different types of devices, whose owners should enjoy visit of any website properly. These requires to verify, that each device displays website properly, no matter which device is currently being used. Just consider a situation, when contact details would not be aside of the display, so website visitor would not be possible to call or send a message. Another issue would be not properly made navigation menu - currently called as a hamburger menu. Easily and simple - no way how to navigate within the website - visitor leaves the web, and try to find your services at your competitor, who can have more user friendly website, that is optimized also for responsivity.

Also, these days, it is quite good habbit to place on each page Back to top button, not to make website visitor to scroll to top menu manualy, which can be kinda anoying. Just a single click to such button makes you again at the navigation menu, where You were at the moment, you started the reading of such website. Even such details can lead your page visitors to simply leave your website, because the navigation was not simply enough for them.

So currently, these are 5 major devices, that requires perfect testing and verification, that whole content is perfectly visible and working:


Usualy supports Full-HD resolution 1920×1080 7.88% of devices


Usualy supports the resolution 1440×900 – 2.68% of devices

Vertical tablet

Usualy supports the 375×667 – 4.42% of devices

Horisontal tablet

Usualy supports the 1768×367 – 8.77%

Mobile phone

Usualy supports the 1440×900 – 2.68%

Favicons - for different OS devices to make it easier

iOS Safari Favicon

In order to support iOS web browser, there should be present Apple Touch icon with dimensions 180x180 in the root directory of website.

Android Chrome Favicon

The Web App Manifest should be declared with dimensions 192x192 icon for Android Chrome at home screen.

Windows 8 and 10 Favicon

The Browser Configuration file should be present as the tile icon for Windows.