Interesting content

Compose something interesting enough for your visitors

Please, be aware, that the purpose of website creation is NOT to create website for search engines only, but for 

Important rules to keep in mind:

Unique content

Make sure, that your website contents is NOT stolen from any website - make it always unique one in each article.

Skyscraper method

Did you recognize a competitor, you need to jumpover? Analyze its site and generate much more text.

Update regularly

No matter, if your site is currently best or not, be aware, that statict text with no changes won't help.

No plain text

Even important and interesting content without any images or mediea will not catch interests of your visitors.

On-Page SEO

Keep all on-page SEO rules met, especially in code and page loading speed. All of these will push site up.

Build up a blog

Finetuned single web URL is fine, but just blog makes your visitors return regularly, to see new content and media.